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Statistical packages (MetacranCRAN)
  1. NAM: GWAS & breeding toolbox

  2. bWGR: Genomic prediction

  3. SoyNAM: SoyNAM dataset

  4. ClickNAM: Online GWA analysis

  5. Accuracy1: Multi-loc GS accuracy

  6. Accuracy2: Multi-trait GS accuracy

Alencar's publication links

GitHub  Resume  ResearchGate

GoogleScholar  ORCID  Loop Publons

Selected publications

  1. Fitting multivariate mixed model efficiently
  2. Efficient marker effect estimation

  3. Genomic association among traits

  4. Black boxes of statistical breeding

  5. Genomic prediction in soybean

  6. Architecture of phenomic traits

  7. Decomposition of yield components

  8. Machine learning implementation

Background material

Contact Information
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